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Testimonials From Our Financial Consultants

“My first career and since then, I’ve not looked back. This would not be possible if not for this supportive team at JLO. The pay-it-forward culture that we adopt gives everyone a chance to contribute and grow to who we want to become. Most importantly, we work hard and play hard! Thank you for being my second family!”

Daphne Khoo

Senior Financial Consultant

“I was from a tied insurance company before joining JLO, and I realised that the platform and mentorship over there were not what I'm looking for. The reason why I was attracted to JLO is because of the training system and support the team can provide. I like that everyone in JLO is really supportive and willing to help each other to improve our shortcomings.”

Tan Zheng Han

Financial Consultant

“I was first attracted to JLO because of the environment and the mentorship I can get from the team. What keeps me going is also the support that was given by everyone in the team. Every time I reach out to anybody, help will always be given. I’m glad that my team teaches me to be a better person!”

Evelle Khoo

Financial Consultant

“I joined JLO in 2020 for a mid-career switch. I made that leap after seeing how dynamic the environment was! It’s a steep learning curve for me, however, the training that I had undergone and the mentorship that I was given by the team have eased me into my new role. Not to mention, my seniors were very supportive and well rounded. I love the nurturing and youthful spirit that we’ve cultivated here!”

Deloras Lim

Financial Consultant

“I joined the team as a fresh grad 4 years ago due to the safe environment and support that I was offered to get me started on building a career in the financial industry. Fast forward to 4 years later, I’m glad to say that I was blessed to be given an initial opportunity to grow amongst a group of humble, yet professional and successful advisers to not only help me in my career, but also with whom I can have fun together!”

Ong Wei Jie

Financial Consultant

“This career was a mid-career switch for me. Prior to joining, I always thought that this career will just take in anybody. However, when I explored with JLO, I had to go through at least 5 interviews before being selected, and this gave me an impression that the team is really looking for serious people to join them. The team is made up of consultants with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and experiences, and it has given me an opportunity to grow and become a better version of myself. While this is a self-employed business, I’m still able to seek help from different teammates at different stages of my career. Being in the team for the past 10 years, I’ve never looked back and I’m very thankful for the team and the environment I’m in, constantly giving me the chance to seek progression, rather than perfection.“

Jason Loh

Senior Financial Consultant

“Coming from both tied insurer and banking, as well as a number of roles in the corporate world, I realised that knowing what you want is not enough. We all have ups and downs in career and life. My ups in the team are surrounded by peers who are energetic and fun, yet at the same time respectful and have the right attitude to work hard and play hard. Even as I get older, my heart is renewed by the energy and fun that my peers give me when we’re together. The support and proper mentorship I receive, and constant open communication at JLO have helped me to bounce back from my low points and experience breakthroughs. So thankful that I have the opportunity to be able to have breakthroughs and have better clarity in the things I want and need to do.”

Clarence Tan

Senior Financial Consultant

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Daphne is a thorough person and follows through with the questions I have with regards to my financial matters.

Ng Liling, Doctor

Senior Financial Consultant: Daphne Khoo

Not only is she PASSIONATE in what she
does, she is also RELIABLE and

Phae Sia, Architect

Senior Financial Consultant: Daphne Khoo

Jason diligently review my portfolio and provide cost effective recommendations to help me achieve my financial goals…

Jeow Shi Yuan, Radiochemist

Senior Financial Consultant: Jason Loh

I have benefited by saving money and yet have more coverage….

Pearly Peck, Senior Operations Manager

Senior Financial Consultant: Jason Loh

Once again, I have to extend my huge thanks to Clarence. Now, I have more cash flow to enjoy my life and yet have a surplus to plan for my retirement….

Tijoe Kwang Lim, HR Manager

Senior Financial Consultant: Clarence Tan

I have worked with Clarence for the past 5 years and he has helped to put in place some of my insurance needs. He introduced workshops to help me in my career development….

Chua Shan Wei Derick, Client Manager

Senior Financial Consultant: Clarence Tan

Michele has been my financial adviser for the past 13 years. She understands my financial requirements and gives sound advice according to my needs….

Regina Chan, Creative Director

Senior Financial Consultant: Michele Tay

I got to know Michele since 2009. Her passion and dedication to her clients have made me realise the importance of selecting the right consultant who is for us, the clients….

Chan Yi Wei, Auditor

Senior Financial Consultant: Michele Tay