Committed to helping individuals achieve a happy and successful life beyond finance.

Joseph Lim Organisation is a Business Unit within finexis advisory Pte Ltd, and we believe in partnering with our clients and value-adding to them in the long run, especially in the areas that are most important to them.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve peace of mind through holistic, wholesome life planning because a good life needs more than just financial success.

Our mission is to assist our clients in making good financial decisions, earning more in their careers, creating more immediate cash flow, and most importantly, living more every day.


In 2002, our founder, Joseph Lim started his journey in the financial services industry. Shortly, he grew his clientele, and with a goal in mind to touch and transform 100,000 lives, he started a team. Today Joseph has many other passionate and highly driven individuals, who share the same vision and values as him, on his team to make this dream a reality.


People Matter

Whether it’s our clients or our teammates, each individual who we cross paths with matters, and we will strive to help them achieve their goals.


At our core, we aim to make an impact by helping people find meaning and purpose in life. We want to empower them to walk a life path that is abundant and with no regrets.


We plan not just to help people achieve their goals and then let them run solo. We will be there to support them as long as they need us. This is our commitment.


Instead of chasing perfection, the markers of success for us are in the little yet consistent progress we make every day.

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