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Wide-eyed and curious, Evelle never considered a career in sales or this industry, which she has been a part of as a Financial Consultant now for over 4 years now. She was prompted to give it a go when her studies in Accountancy no longer challenged her and she wanted to see what opportunities were out there for her in the market. She was first introduced to this world through her sister, who is also a Financial Consultant, after attending a workshop organised by finexis where she met the JLO team. Evelle decided to take the leap of faith and joined shortly after, a decision she never regrets to this day. While having control over her income and working hours was what initially attracted her to this career, what keeps her driven was the environment and support she received from both her teammates and the company. Through authentic feedback, she believes that finexis is the best platform for her to grow both financially and mentally, and achieve success alongside her team.


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